FUKE: The Photographer who created the Boring to Incredible

November 15, 2019

FUKE, a Japanese photographer has a unique talent to transform the world into a colorful wonderland by his out of the world photography techniques. His work starts by only clicking some ordinary pictures around his home in Sanuki, then later on he starts writing on his website, as he is writing, he “makes his own colors with his feelings and his emotions.”

In an interview with Life Treasure Collector earlier this year, FUKE elaborated that his inspiration to take up photography in 2003 was when his friends used to visit him and used to comment on his beautiful town. The town has an essence of beauty that usually overlooked by people who see it every day.

Later on he decided to show the town’s beauty to everyone by highlighting incredible features of his town by capturing creative pictures of Sanuki. By capturing a night landscape of a snowy mountain, he created many amazing pieces of art which would be considered boring otherwise.

Do take a look.

Colored Night Photography by Fuke

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Japanese Artist FUKE

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