Animals will teach you how to do Yoga

November 15, 2019

The original two-legged Yogis discovered poses by observing and imitating the movement of animals. The ancient spiritual and physical practice of yoga is a decidedly our invention, but that doesn’t mean that animals can’t get same fun!

Just observe them: steady deep breathing (unless panting), totally focused attention (unless distracted by a ball or squirrel), and full stretches (especially upon waking).

Let’s have a look on 25 cute and furry friends that took a page from their health-minded owners’ books and did some relaxing stretches.

Pug Doing Yoga

Panda Doing Yoga

Monkey Doing Yoga


Elephant doing yoga

Dog Doing Yoga 7

Dog Doing Yoga 4

dog doing yoga 3

dog doing yoga 2

dog doing yoga

dog  doing yoga 1

dog  doing yoga

cats doing yoga

Cat Doing Yoga

bear doing yoga

Animals Doing Yoga 2

Animals Doing Yoga

animals doing yoga 9

animals doing yoga 8

animals doing yoga 7

animals doing yoga 6

animals doing yoga 5

animals doing yogaSource