The Marvelous Beauty of Animals Captured by Marina Cano

January 16, 2020

Animals, if we think in a different way, all creatures in the world are animals; even we are social animals so we can have a feeling of care for even can others.

Marina Cano is a talented and internationally-renowned nature photographer who takes stunning pictures of wild animals. Her adventure has take her to many different countries in Africa and Europe to click pictures of animals in their natural habitat.

Cano’s photographs have a powerful, intimate and have some humanizing quality to them. Many of her photos are portraits and the animals seem like they are staring at the camera, sees extraordinarily expressive and almost human.

She takes the majority of her shots at national parks and wildlife safaris, including Spain’s famous national park, Cabarceno national park. Her famous black-background photos which majorly draw a lot of attention, are made possible with the help man-made shelters that the animals sometimes occupy to hide from the weather conditions, P.S. these are not studio photos.

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Marina Cano Wildlife Photography

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wildlifeVia Marina Cano | Facebook | Flickr