You Can Now Buy Christmas Fairy Lights For Beards

What’s the one thing you always wish you had around the festive period? You’ve already got a case of the finest ales, had a drone last year that you became really bored with, really quick and an unlimited supply of pigs in blankets are a given.

So, there’s only one thing left and that’s to light up your beard with Christmas lights, right?!

If you’ve been blessed with a good chin of facial hair (unlike myself, thankfully) this is surely going to be top of the list.

Firebox is selling beard fairy lights that flash (added bonus) meaning they’re definitely better than any Christmas jumper and for just $14 they’re probably fucking cheaper lets face it.

The lights are battery powered and the pack is small enough to hide and clip onto your facial hair – now I’ve seen many men with pretty decent beards but there is no way a battery pack would be hidden in there. That’s stuff for the bearded Gods.

The fairy lights flash and change colour. Credit: Firebox
The fairy lights flash and change color. Credit: Firebox

You can also change the color of your twinkling lights – did someone say color co-ordination Tuesdays?

You won’t have to hang the lights individually either as the set of 18 multi-colored nano LED lights are suspended on a 90 cm cable that clips onto your beard painlessly. Time-saving as well. We’ve got a win win situation on our hands here.

They are just like normal fairy lights, but miniature so they nestle comfortably in your facial hair.

The battery pack is small enough to be disguised with facial hair. Credit: Firebox
The battery pack is small enough to be disguised with facial hair. Credit: Firebox

Firebox do issue a warning about using the heatless lights though. They note that you should give them a miss if your beard is wet or if you’re outside and it is raining. If you reckon that’s a given, you’d be surprised how many people wouldn’t think of it.

They also ask you to be careful if you wear them while partying as they say ‘a little bit of Buck’s Fizz won’t hurt, but don’t get hosed down with the stuff like you’re Lewis Hamilton’.

A similar product on Amazon has been receiving amazing reviews.

The lights are only £10.99 and are the perfect gift from you - to you. Credit: Firebox
The lights are only £10.99 and are the perfect gift from you – to you. Credit: Firebox

One customer said: “Absolutely hysterical and was one of the main talking points during Christmas in our house. Lovely bright LED’s, good functions and apparently the clips were comfortable!”

Another added: “Bought as a joke gift for Christmas for my daughters husband who has a very bushy beard. Thought the kids would love it.”

A third customer said: “Brilliant product, bought for my hairy son. Lit up his night shift!”

If Christmas lights aren’t appealing to you why not try baubles? Well, Beardaments to be precise. They are baubles and trinkets that you literally weave into your facial hair – although there is no hard and fast rule about which hair you could weave them into – and let hang loose.

If that appeals to you (and you’ve got more money than sense) they could be yours from around $10.

The collection comes with 12 festive fancies to clip onto your facial fuzz to – they say – ‘get your beard excited for the holidays’.

If you’re in the United States and don’t fancy waiting until your Beardaments can be shipped from the USA, you can buy them online at places like ASOS as well for a relatively reasonable price.

Let’s face facts, any price is too much.

Featured Image Credit: Firebox


Want them just in time for Christmas click here BEARD