November 15, 2019

Are you shocked with the current rise of airfares? They have gone up not 5% or 8%, but 10%, and sometimes even higher! Here’s more, hotel rates have expanded out of proportion. Yes, it’s really sad, conventional traveling has become almost unaffordable to most of us travel junkies. But we have a good news! Now There’s a chance you can travel for free! In fact, most interestingly you can even get paid while doing so. Too good to be true? I know what’s there in your mind, but its true.

Below are some clever suggestions you can do to get paid while traveling.

1. You Can Work As A Tour Guide

If you love mingling and hanging around with people and friends around, this one is perfect for you. As a tour guide, you can see, explore and study different cultures while leading tourists to iconic and historic places in the world. And you can have significant income while enjoying foreign cultures.

There are always two sides of a coin, though. Let’s look at both the sides : Negative, location guides (guides who operate in just one location) will most likely act as a freelance. This means inconsistent paydays and your job has no security at all. Some (those who thrive on taking risks in life) offer free tours and charm tourists to give tips. Positive, Long-term guides, on the other hand, are much better off with contracts or even full-time gigs from tour companies. If you want stability anyways, take the second option. However, be ready to deal with great planning, logistics, and the stress of managing a group of (sometimes, grouchy and can be of any age) tourists for weeks, or even more than that.

2. Teach English

Latin America, The Middle East, and Asia have plenty of jobs for English teachers. If you are round on having a cultural and educational trip to a land that has mystified you for the longer time, teaching could be the job that can carry you through. In most of the cases, you’re not required to be certified or masters. Your students just need to know one thing — that you’re a native speaker only.

Visit, and email some applications to schools in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, malaysia and many other locations out there. I’m sure, you’ll end up being shocked by the number of interview invitations you’ll get.

3. Convert Yourself into a Timeshares Ninja (simply put, sell timeshares)

Is seduction your game? Yes? Then head over to Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Caribbean, USA or anywhere you can find major resort areas. You’ll enjoy a job that selling timeshares. Resorts need salespersons or professionals who can better relate to potential clients, so they usually prefer Asians selling to Asians, Americans selling to Americans, Australian selling to australians, Germans selling to Germans, and so on. You can look forward to have a huge income potential if you choose this route to make money. Many sales professionals have earned desirable amounts, since this line of work has been proven profitable, many times over. You can absolutely travel more often once you turn to have fun while earning, Timeshares Ninja!

4. Be a WWOOF’er

Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms or WWOOF, is a non-traditional business that you have ever thought. Volunteers trade their time and labor to help run a farm for accommodations and meals for localities. (Most of the time WWOOF’ers do this with like-minded travelers.) Would you wish to know more perks if you’ll pick this same route? Terms are very flexible with volunteers staying as short as they want, or as long as they desire. And it’s really fun because there are numerous job opportunities to choose from. Yes, it’s completely true that you need to shoulder your own expenses flying to the farm, but once you’re there, you will be offered a ride to the next destination. Now, that’s appetizing, if you ask me for that matter. While obviously WWOOF’ing can’t be taken as a career choice, it is a wise way to inspect the world without emptying your savings account.

5. Become a Travel Photographer

While my grandfather is a professional photographer, I’m not. A learner photographer, that’s what I am. By using the descriptive novice, I mean I’m an average camera handler. On the opposite, for those who are camera savvy, there’s a huge opportunity to sell travel photos they snap over the day. One prerogative is to set up their ‘shop’ (yes, your very own) on websites like Via these many available platforms, you can sell photos either to a variety of travel magazines, newspapers or to business organizations with stock photography collections to market their business. Nifty, right?

6. Trade Specialty, unique Foreign Goods

Are Planning to travel and happen to have small savings to use as capital? You can consider jumping into the exciting world of import-export trading. That way, you can fly to more exotic and your dream destinations having great fun. While there, grab the chance to search for local, specialty, handmade goods. These will attract travel-hungry consumers on the local home front once you get back from your trip.

Terrific tip: pick up those goods that specific regions are specially known for. A few examples are Mexican hammocks, Italian leather, and Turkish ceramics, indian cosmetics. An alternative is trading in one-of-a-kind or unique pieces; those hard to find items always in the world create a stir. Normally, these kind of products can’t be bought in bulk. Upon reaching back America, make your multiple rounds in the stores, visit collectors, and maybe even hit up e-stores like eBay for profits that can make you smile for months. Here’s one thing you have to take very seriously about this hassle—figuring out how to navigate customs regulations to avoid any last minute surprises—but, if you’re able to sell goods with prices several times over their original worth, the occupation will automatically pay for itself.

7. Research For A Travel Guidebook

In case you’re the scholarly type, a book warmer and love investigating, you can opt to work for a travel guide company such as Lonely Planet and Fodor’s or any other you’d love to work for. Many describe the job as thrilling. Why, with you zooming off to numerous places to sample exclusive cultures, food, and luxurious hotels.

To balance it out, though, you need to be informed that the job requires hard work. A lot of guidebook writers and researchers candidly say they are demanded to have hectic deadlines at times requiring 10-to-12-hour days. Enjoying sights is just a very little portion of the job. They must swirl out articles, reports, and maps of the places they’ve been assigned to and participate in extensive and tedious data entry.

8. Try out a Government-Related Post

Aside from all the possibilities mentioned earlier, people looking for a way to balance convenience over income while traveling may consider available government related opportunities. So far now a days, the Peace Corps is one of the best known government agencies offering the option to “volunteer” for amazing overseas positions. This agency basically operates in three primary regions globally: Asia, Europe, and Africa. Now, here’s the interesting part – records show that volunteers have been led to important contacts abroad, have occupied paid positions with related filed organizations, or having other private employers outside of the U.S. who hiring them after working with Peace Corps.

9. Become A Flight Attendant

You can also choose to get a 9-5 job. A great option is working as a flight attendant. These flying professionals make around $25,000 to $60,000 a year, and the freebies are great! They used to get fantastic travel benefits which include going on foreign trips with family members if they choose so. The salary may be a bit on the lower ranges sometimes, but be reminded… the average time on the job for attendants is about 80 hours per month only. Cool, isn’t it?

10. Provide Helping Hand To A Cruise Line

Being employed on a cruise ship sends you to charming and incomprehensible locales for a very good pay, like a flight attendant job does. There are a few minute differences, though. The job usually comes with very long hours for not-so-handsome pay. The good news here is all expenses are handled by the cruise company, and of course, you are given free travel and nothing will go out from your pocket. Crew members are offered their own shops, shopping malls, dining halls, gyms, Internet cafes, party areas, and organized activities that create a marvelous and cool company culture.

11. Start A Travel Blog

Professional travel blogging is a tough option. Yes, traveling around all those thrilling places is a alluring part of the job, but it takes many hours or sometimes even weeks, months of hard work to make it happen. According to recent reports, many travel bloggers pour in about a year to build their websites, and presence on social media before they can make their websites. (Almost all beginners travel bloggers start out spending their own savings.) In addition to this, you should have to operate everything not excluding site growth, marketing, and finances. But in person if you love travelling and blogging, you’ll be able to work things out, and most possibly even become famous with the time passes.

12. Be a Freelance Blogger

Freelance blogging has now a days become a lucrative business. Yes, although it’s not just a job anymore — it’s a full whisked business. The joys and feeling of being a freelance blogger are varied and many. One of my favorites is… …you are not at all dependent on any location where to do your stuff. You can work of your choice wherever you please, and whenever you want, you only need an Internet connection and a computer. Highly respected bloggers in the market can earn as much as $400 to $500 per post, while mid-level bloggers can take home $80 to $200 per article.