The Most Underrated Travel Destinations in the World

Travelling, one of the most fun things you can do in your life. You get to explore new things, meet new faces, experience new cultures and try different kinds for foods. Most importantly you can take a break from your regular working life! But except of travelling the same places over and over again you should spend your time travelling to new places, check out these most underrated places in the world.


Salt Flat Bolivia

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Though Bolivia is near the equator still its diversity in its climate which is what would grip your attention. Indigenous people make up around 80% of Bolivia’s population, which means even today there is still is strong sense of culture. There are many festivals celebrated in Bolivia and it is very easy to find some traditional food and listen to traditional song and experience how was the past and how it changed today.

The history is still alive in Bolivia, so when you are there you will for sure get a good overview of the country’s past. It has the most preserved land in terms of natural habitat, including mountains, rivers, forests and lakes and the view makes the view totally stunning.

Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Cable stayed Bridge Sao Paulo

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If you are in search of a marvelous city, Sao Paulo is the place for you – with more than 20 million residents, with world’s third largest metropolis on earth!

The city is majorly known for its spectacular food, amazing markets, beautiful architecture and remarkable museum, not to forget its pulsing nightlife. Sao Paulo is spread out, it’s even hard to stay in just one area to do everything, but the city boasts 30 kilometers of car-free bike paths which makes getting around in the city a breeze. There are many ethnic groups who call Sao Paulo as their home, the city also consists Japan’s largest population outside Japan’s territory, you would never have problem finding a variety of cultures to explore to enrich your time in the city.

Zhangjiajie, China:

Zhangjiajie, a national park in the Hunan province of south-central China. There are three ethnic groups that make up around 70% of the local population, there are a lot of traditional cultures to explore, languages, festivals, cloths and architecture.

The locals in Zhangjiajie are really friendly and feel awesome in sharing their history with the tourists, which makes the park a favorite place to visit. The park has a likely subtropical climate, the National Forest Park has a unique “micro climate of a forest” meaning you would feel cool in summers and warm in winters. There are also gorgeous lakes, streams, and waterfalls, along with a wide variety of rare species of animals. An amazing fact: a mountain peak from Zhangjiajie was an inspiration for the visual setting for the world of Pandora in the famous movie “Avatar”!


northern lights iceland

Iceland is not that far away as you may think it is – Iceland is just around five hour flight from major northeast US locations. As an added bonus Iceland’s Air route offers you a route over many European countries, which also means that you get to see two different destinations in one trip! When you are there, there are a lot of things that can be done to enjoy the city to its fullest. You may visit the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa. The spa has naturally heated water and you can bathe there and treat yourself with massage treatments.

blue lagoon iceland

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Also, if you manage to time your trip accordingly, you could enjoy a great view of the Northern Lights called the Aurora Borealis. Especially for museum fans, there are a lot of museums in Iceland which would take you back in the time, including the Viking era. If you are a person who wants to experience the normal city life, you may visit Reykjavik, the capital city which has amazing great nightlife, shops, good food and huge arts and music scene. As a bonus for tourists, everyone in Ireland speaks English, so you will have an easier time getting around.

The Philippines:

One of the largest island groups in the world consisting of more than 7,000 islands. Do you know what that means? Beaches, a lot of beaches! Gorgeous beaches with amazing white sand over the turquoise waters. There beaches of Philippines often make into the “Top 10 Beach of the world” lists. There are a lot of rare special of animals, hope you see any. The landscapes are breathtaking with waterfalls, lakes and caves. If you have time you may also see world’s smallest Volcano “Taal”!

The temperature in Philippines is mostly pleasant and you don’t have to worry about packing cloths for extreme temperatures. If you are a person who loves shopping, the group of islands has some of the world’s largest malls. And as a cherry on the cake, Philippines also boasts world most famous handicrafts.

Featured Image Credit: Wolfgang Staudt