The Most Terrifying Photo In Space History

This is a picture of the Apollo 17 Lander that was taken while the astronauts were on an excursion in the Lunar Rover. They were about a mile away at this point, but ended up going even further (about 2.5 miles) in the Rover.

Apollo 17 930

This is terrifying once you realize what’s going on.

They have just a little bit of air in their packs. Only a couple of tanks of air on that little spaceship. In order to get to a place where they can breathe freely without freezing, and not having their blood boil, there are a multitude of steps.

First they have to drive or walk back to that little ship.

They have to start it up.

Launch it into space.

Physically link up with another spaceship (the Command Module, which at that point in time could be orbiting on the other side of the Moon).

Blast rockets at just the right angle to coast back to Earth.

Then have enough air to last three days.

Then adjust their rockets precisely as to not burn up in reentry or skip off the Earth’s atmosphere.

Then parachutes must deploy correctly.

Then the capsule’s hatch must open correctly.

Only then can they breathe without freeze immediately and having their blood boil due to the lack of atmosphere.

If any one of those (and many other) steps fail, they die.

All there was between these men and death on the entire surface of the moon, was that one tiny little lonely ship way off in the distance.

Via: Reddit User TrustZero

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