Real Alike Dancing Fairies By Robin Wight

Robin Wight, a well known UK-based sculptor who works mainly with stainless steel wires has mastered in creation of enchanting and dynamic fairy sculptures those seem to have a jolly nature. His sculptures seem like they are dancing or as if they are struggling against the wind.

Wight is very open towards the art he has mastered which includes creating these amazing fairy characters and then further making them to show some great detail. His creating revolve around creating some robust steel skeletons which are wrapped in progressively smaller gauges of wire. Wires are molded in different ways proving a perfect pattern like the human body, you easily see the difference between arms, legs, chest, different muscles and even the form of skin.

As Wight’s signature he buries a stone heart within each fairy with some sweet engraving on it. A number of these beautiful fairies are placed on display at the Trentham Gardens, but he also creates fairies for many private clients.

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fairies figurines

fairy figurines

fairy sculpture

Fairy Sculpture

Fairy Sculptures

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garden fairy figurines

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Robin Wight

Robin Wight Fairy

Robin Wight Fairy Sculptures

Robin Wight Fairy Sculptures

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