Radass Christmas Gift Idea’s For Men

November 16, 2019

Viking Drinking Horn

Bring out his inner Viking with an authentic drinking horn tankard, which, unlike other drinking horns, can be put down without it spilling. An ideal Christmas gift for fans of GOT.



Cut in Half Book

If he’s a curious sort, he will love this book which shows a whole host of everyday objects…cut in half, because who wouldn’t want to see the inside of a golf ball?



Bonfire Fire Pit

Offering a near smokeless fire, the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit weighs just 20lbs, meaning a more enjoyable, cleaner burn can be enjoyed wherever he decides to take it.



Build-On Brick Mug

LEGO fans will go crazy for this fantabulous mug, which comes with a set of bricks so they can build onto it right out of the box.



Man Up Book

This book answers questions he never wanted to ask, and is divided into different categories such as making out, making money, and making a great first impression. Give confidence this Christmas!



Arcade Light Switch

This awesome light switch plate cover will appeal to any gaming geek who loves, or has loved, traditional arcade-style games. It comes in loads of different color combos, too.



Confetti High Five

Add a new dimension to celebrations with this super cool blaster which sits on the hand, ready to shoot a stream of confetti up into the air with every high five.

Prices Vary


Campfire Beer Caramelizer

Sizzle the sugars in any drink with this cool tool which can be heated in a bonfire and then plunged into beer, cocktails, or even hot chocolate for a smooth caramelized taste.



Universal Socket

Big tool boxes will be a thing of the past when you give him this universal socket, which utilizes 54 strong spring-actuated steel rods to mold to any size nut or bolt.



Sleep Aid Device

Help him fall asleep in half the time with Dodow, the metronomic sleep aid which uses a light pulse to gently lull him into a beautiful, deep, sleep.



Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Men’s Gift Set

This duo is a Christmas gift for you AND him, as it stops the stink of his number twos from ever escaping the loo! Simply squirt, dump, and flush. Sweet.



Beard Ornaments

Looking for a Christmas gift for men who want to show off their impressive face fur? Bedazzle his beard with this set of teeny Christmas baubles which come in bright, festive colors.



Men’s Utility Bracelet

Handy men will find this handy, man. Concealed within this contemporary bracelet is a multifunctional knife which comes with a flathead screwdriver incorporated into the top, so he’s ready for anything.



Knife Making Kit

Cave man or mountain man, he’ll feel right at home with a craft kit which will enable him to create his very own, custom made knife to fit perfectly in his hand.

Prices Vary


Custom Dog Breed on a Bike Shirts

Even the most highly trained dog can’t ride a bike…or can they? He’ll have to rethink that question when he sees his favorite breed cycling on the front of a cool tee.

Prices vary


The Dude Diet Cookbook

Help him make better food choices while still eating dirty with The Dude Diet, the cookery book which debunks junk food by creating healthier alternatives to his unhealthy preferences.

Prices Vary


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Channel his inner Rick Grimes with the Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit, which comes with enough blades and tools to take out an entire herd of Walkers!



100 Things To Do Scratch Off Poster

After Christmas comes New Year’s Resolutions. If his is to try new things, help him on his journey with a scratch off poster which comes with 100 things to do.



Workaholics: Official Bear Coat

If he’s prone to hibernating all winter long, help him look (and feel) the part with this ‘Workaholics’ warm and fuzzy bear coat, so he can make like Blake from the show.



DUDE Wipes

Men’s butts aren’t made for wiping well, so help him achieve cleanliness nirvana with a pack of Dude Wipes which are designed to reach the parts toilet paper just can’t reach.



Collapsible Water Bottle

Ingenious and essential for long days out or sessions at the gym, this bottle collapses to pocket size, but when popped out can hold a thirst-quenching 18 fl. oz. of water.



Craft Brewing Machine

Who knew he could set up his own craft beer brewery in his kitchen? This handy appliance sits on the counter and brews 5 liters of beer in just 2 hours.



LED Lantern Speaker

It may not be moonlight and music, but the LED light in this lantern is the next best thing, and comes with a dimmer switch and Bluetooth speaker for the perfect ambience.



Smokeless Fire Pit Grill

Lighting in less than 30 seconds, this wood burning fire pit’s airflow system offers 4 settings to control the flow, and comes with rechargeable power pack which also charges your devices.



Old World Globe Bar

This stunning drinks cabinet is a replica 16th century old world globe which incorporates storage for glassware and bottles both inside the globe and at the bottom.



Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

A tree for Christmas would be cool, but an entire forest? Awesome! This Bonsai collection grows from seedling to mature in its own steel box in the office or at home.



Fishing Kayak

Looking more like a war ship than a kayak, this single person vessel comes with 2 flush-mount rod holders and 4 gear tracks, along with a comfy seat for fishing.



The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees follows the journey of Robert Penn as he cuts down a single Ash tree and travels the world to see what can be made from it.

Prices Vary


Push Up Training System

Never mind the gym, he can target his specific muscle groups at home with this innovative plug and press push up board which provides various grip positions for different workouts.



100 Deadly Skills Book

With the world full of dangers, it pays to learn some survival tactics, and who better to learn from than a former Navy SEAL, who’ll teach how to evade, elude, and survive.



Miniature Ballista

Give him something to do with his hands with this self-assembly kit which builds into a replica model of The Ballista – the fierce and deadly weapon of the Roman Empire.



The Ultimate Grill

The ultimate Christmas gift for men who take outdoor cooking seriously, and covering 3432 sq. in of cooking space, this grill provides hot and cold smoking, and both direct and indirect flame cooking.



Man Crates Whiskey Appreciation Crate

Get him into the spirit of Christmas with the Whiskey Appreciation Crate, which comes jam-packed with delicious snacks, along with 2 personalized tumblers, monogrammed decanter, and other whiskey-related offerings.

Prices Vary


Folding Compact Workbench

Don’t let the collapsed size fool you – this workstation opens out into a spacious, sturdy work bench complete with clamps, steel legs, and holding up to 1000lbs. in weight.



Build Your Own Pinball Game

Make him a pinball wizard by giving him this build it yourself pinball machine, which arrives with everything needed to build and customize his very own playable arcade game.



Tactical Pen

Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the UZI tactical pen doubles as a ballpoint pen and a glass breaker, providing the ultimate in portable survival tools, as it’s lightweight but extremely durable.



Bullet Shot Glass

Shot glasses don’t get much more authentic than this! Holding 2oz of his favorite poison, this tiny glass comes with a real .308 bullet embedded in the side.




Give him a pair-pperoni of these socks and he’ll have the tastiest tootsies in town. Arriving in a traditional pizza box, they’re perfect for both dressing up and dressing down.



Quick Defrosting Tray

If he always forgets to take the steak out of the freezer for dinner, this magic thawing tray will defrost meat and more in a matter of minutes, with no electricity required.



Bionic Grip Wrench

The Bionic Grip Wrench from Loggerhead is a game changer in the world of tools, as it negates the need for multiple tools by adjusting to fit 13 sizes of fasteners.



Pickup Truck Storage System

Made to fit a truck bed that’s 5’9” long, this storage system can be installed in both GMC and Chevy models (selected) and boasts a 2000 pound deck load rating.



Man Bun

A fun Christmas gift for men who are wannabe hipsters, this hair extension will give him an instant ‘Mun’ (man bun) when his own hair is just too short. 9 colors available.



Beer Slushy Maker

Nothing can top ice cold beer, except, perhaps, a topping of frozen foam! This slushie maker has been specially designed to create soft-serve froth for the perfect boozy summer treat.