Photographer Dad Takes Creative and Wonderful Pictures of His Daughters

November 11, 2019

Dad’s really care about their daughters and are also their friends who play with them. When you will see what this Father is able to create with his daughters, you may yourself want to do the exact same.

Jason Lee is an extremely creative wedding and portrait photographer and from 2006 he has made one of the funniest family picture series anyone would have ever seen.

It started back in the days when lee’s mom was diagnosed with a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in November 2006, at that time his daughters kristin and Kayla were frequently sick and for that reason he was not able to bring them to visit their grandma that often. Jason wanted to share his children’s life with his mother and started to document it an amazing series of family pictures, his photos were mainly shot in absurd and creative situations. This was the very beginning of his Kirstin and Kayla blog.

Jason, Kayla and Kristin have put in a lot of effort and time into creating various scenes, and the end result is that the final pictures are not only funny and creative, but also beautiful from a visual point of view. If you like, we find these photos really funny and creative do check our JWL photography and Kirstin and Kayla’s Facebook page, where Jason keeps on updating his newest pictures.

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