Need Thunderstorm in your room? Then this interesting Cloud Lamp is Specially for you

If you love the sound of Thunder and like Storm Clouds, then now you don’t have to wait for the weather to show those beautiful moments. New York & New Zealand-based Creative designer Richard Clarkson created a Cloud Lamp that can also make thunderstorm sounds. Combination of both Lamp and Speakers will give you a perfect thunderstorm experience inside your own living room.

Cloud Storm Light Lamp


This elegant creation can be controlled by remote. The Cloud lamp can stream music via Bluetooth compatible devices. Richard used motion sensor so that whenever you will enter the room, it will create a unique lighting and thunderstorm effect. It works in Two mode nightlight and music reactive mode.

interactive storm cloud-light fixture with thunder sounds

He used hypoallergenic fiberfill to create a cloud. He used an opensource code for the cloud function (So that anyone can work and improve it as per needs).

Creative ThunderStorm Lamp by Richard

Richard Clarkson Cloud Lamp

It is a bit pricey and to get your hands on the sweet baby you have to shed $3,360, but it’s a creative design & having it at your place would be extraordinary. You have to admitted it, storm cloud’s experience at home is definately worth the price. If you are interested to buy this, then you can buy it here.

thunder storm cloud lamp speaker