Annual Smallest Penis Contest In Brooklyn, NY

November 12, 2019

A Smallest Penis Contest… WTF?

At first take this looks like a shameful contest. To the contrary, you will find, it is a celebration of guy’s with shrinky dinks who feel comfortable about what the good Lord gave ‘em. The contest is all about positivity, and being comfortable in your own skin, even if your “member” has a minimal amount of skin. These guys may have small franks but they have big stones and a lot of heart.

The smallest penis contest brooklyn New York. (2)

Bobbie Chaset, the manger of King’s County bar, and the creator of the contest said last year’s winner was a chunky dude with a tiny dick who worked for UPS.

The smallest penis contest brooklyn New York. (3)

She went on to say, “If that guy can feel good about himself, anyone can.” The competition is about body positivity. “If anyone makes fun of the contestants or thinks this is some sort of shaming fest, we kick them out,” she says firmly. “It’s a celebration of guys with tiny penises.” As the event’s Facebook page says, “It’s time to celebrate less-endowed men with extraordinary heart, talent, and chutzpa.”

The smallest penis contest brooklyn New York. (4)

The crowd at the bar let out a roar as the five contestants walked out on stage. Host of the contest, Chicken Bitches, screamed out, “We are here to worship at the altar of small dicks”! The five contestants are all wearing pageant sashes, with their “alter ego” names, and creative coverings hiding their packages.