10 of the Most Beautiful Places to Drive in America

I can remember as a kid going on the family vacation for 2 weeks every summer. Growing up In New Jersey most summer’s we went to, as the east coasters call it, “the shore’. With summer rapidly approaching we thought it would be cool to find 10 of the most scenic places to drive in America for you and family, or friends, or just the dog


• Hawaii Belt on the big island is a combination of state route’s 11, 19, and 190, that allow you to circle the entire island. While driving around the island you will see dried lava beds, which are known as lava deserts, beautiful jungles and farm land where Kona Coffee beans are actually grown. Catch live lava flows, and of course hit the beaches where the sand is so white it resembles snow.

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Floria Keys

• The Overseas Highway in Florida spans 113 miles and connects Florida’s mainland with the Keyes. On the drive you will cross the 7 mile long Knight’s Bridge also known as the 7 Mile Bridge. The bridge traverses water and offers 7 of the most beautiful miles of roadway in America.

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Central New York

• The Finger Lakes in central New York consist of 11 different lakes that span roughly a 75 mile stretch between Syracuse and Rochester. The road weaves its way through a series of quiet little towns and literally hundreds of wineries. The best time to make this drive is in autumn as the leaves turn colors and are spectacular to see.

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California Coastline

• Pacific Coast Highway and Highway 1 merge and follow most of California’s coastline. You can take in the awesomeness of California’s historic giant Redwood trees as you pass through Big Sur. Passing through Monterey you have a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of seals and otters splashing in the surf or sunning on a rock. If you enjoy wine and vineyards you will surely want to visit Sonoma Valley.

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• Going to the Sun Road in Montana will take you right through the heart of Glacier National Park. In addition to the fabulous scenery you will cross the Continental Divide and see actual Glaciers at the Jackson Glacier overlook.

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• Skyline Drive Virginia takes you 152 miles through the tranquil Shenandoah National Park. Take in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding valleys covered with stunning wild flowers. This drive is also best in autumn when the leaves change color.

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• Seward Highway in Alaska spans 127 miles and connects the cities of Anchorage and Seward. Here you will see beautiful waterfalls, glaciers and an abundance of wild life including but not limited to sheep, eagles, moose, and even maybe a whale or two. This trip is best in summer when the sunshine is at its peak.

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• The San Juan Skyway in Colorado takes you 233 miles through the San Juan National, Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forests. Catch waterfalls in spring, wild flowers in the summer, dazzling leaves turning color in the fall, and lots and lots of snow in the winter.

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Pennsylvania and Delaware

• Brandywine Valley roadway is a short 12 mile trip that takes you through both Pennsylvania and Delaware and the Brandywine watershed area made famous by the DuPont family. The DuPont’s built not only their company here but their mansions, museums and vast gardens. The 1777 Battle of Brandywine also took place here in the green rolling hills.

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• Patchwork Parkway in Utah, or route 143, connects highway 89 and byway 12. At the summit this road hits an elevation of 10,567 feet which is marked by the Cedar Breaks National Monument. As you follow this road along you will see mind blowing red rock and orange rock canyons, silt cliffs and forests of Pine, Spruce, and Fir trees.

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Our list suggests just 10 cool and interesting places you can go for a nice vacation drive. Having just celebrated Memorial Day, and thanking our soldiers for our freedom, there are an infinite amount of places and things to do. Just make sure you have a blast this summer, create some memories, but most of all be safe.